Current Online Safety Concerns

Interpol have reported an increased risk of online child sexual exploitation since Covid-19 lockdown. You can read the full report here:

Most of our children are spending more time online now, both for school and socialising. This is a good time to check that the right parental controls are in place to protect them, and to be talking with your children about the risks.

A particular risk is unwanted exposure to sexual images, including pornography. Parental controls can prevent these images from appearing on a child’s device. However, there is a risk that friends might share it with them, or show them images on their own phone. We have heard that some children are seeing pornography on friends’ computers in the background while on a FaceTime call. Please encourage your children to let you know if they see something that worries or upsets them, and report any incidents to your local ISP centre straight away so we can help you support your child.

You can get lots of helpful information about online safety at CEOP’s Thinkuknow website. Click here to see their home activities.