Home-learning during coronavirus isolation

Here are some places where you can get free online learning resources at this difficult time. Please share with other families.

Lots of primary school learning activities here

URBrainy are making some resources free at the moment. Click HERE to visit their website.

Oxford Owl have lots of free resources for home learning. Click HERE to visit their website.

Classroom Secrets have created free home learning packs for the primary years. Click HERE to visit their website and download your pack.

Khan Academy have free resources and lots of ideas for all ages. Click HERE to visit their website and see how they can help.

NOT FREE – a subscription to The School Run gives access to lots of resources. you can get a 14-day free trial to see if it’s of benefit to your family.

The websites below are also helpful:

Helpful learning websites

Financial support for learning

Click here to find out more

Barclays Life Skills

Here is an example of one of the Barclays Life Skills videos created with young people to give helpful careers advice. You can find all the videos on YouTube, or visit the Barclays Life Skills website.