Around the house 2

Household tasks

Make household tasks part of everyday life for everybody in the family. Allocate daily/weekly ‘jobs’ for each child as part of co-operative family life. The giving of pocket money should not be contingent upon task completion, but some families offer additional incentives – or have an arrangement whereby children complete their tasks before everyone goes out to the park.

Some children need visual reminders and positive feedback straight away, and the following charts can be used for this:

Energy in the home

Children can learn about electrical safety with the interactive resource at the Switched On Kids website.

Children can learn about energy conservation at the NASA Climate Kids website – they have lots of tips for reducing your carbon footprint.

Safety in the home

The Red Cross “Life: Live It” website has an interactive Spot the danger activity for children

The Junior Citizen website also hosts lots of information for children about safety in the home.


Encourage your children to prepare their own breakfast, make their packed lunch and help with family meal preparation. As they grow more confident and their skills increase, you can find recipe ideas online, e.g. at the Tesco Real Food website or at the BBC Good Food website

At each meal, get your young people to prepare one item – mashing potato, grating cheese, cutting tomatoes. Start simple and build their skills over time.

You can find a useful set of resources for children to learn about food hygiene at Cookin Castle