Leaving care

Young Person’s Guide to Leaving Care.

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The Become Charity has some helpful Factsheets for young people who are leaving care. Click here to find them.

Young people in foster care tend to become independent adults at a younger age than most young people, who often live with their parents into their 20s or 30s.

Some of our young people will return to live with their birth families, but others will live independently at 18, and some will stay with their foster families on a ‘Staying Put’ arrangement. Information about our policies and procedures for young people leaving care can be found in the ISP Foster Carer Handbook.

Click on the topics below for some important information for care leavers:

Care leavers’ rights

Education and work

Financial support

Housing support

Preparing to leave care

Young people should be supported in developing life skills – self-care, practical and interpersonal skills – from the start of the placement until the day they leave. See the Life Skills Development area for guidance in relation to this task.

Here are a few helpful resources for young people who are ready to move to their own independent accommodation:

Government policies for care leavers

Care Leaver Strategy

Keep On Caring

Care Leaver Covenant

Extending PA support to 25

Homelessness Code of Guidance

Local Connection rules (see 10.17-10.20)

Helpful websites for care leavers

Become Charity


Care Leavers Association

Rees Foundation

Princes Trust

Citizens Advice Service (CAB)

The Spark Foundation