Social skills 1


Young children need to know the privacy basics:

  • Body privacy – which parts of the body are OK for others to touch, and which ones are private? The NSPCC have an established education programme called PANTS which is very engaging for young children.
  • Privacy at home – shutting the door when using the bathroom, knocking on doors before entering. Respecting other people’s need to be alone sometimes.
  • Online privacy – not talking to strangers online, and being careful what you share (e.g. who needs to know where you live?)
  • Tech privacy – not sharing phone passcodes or email passwords with friends.

Talk to children about personal questions and let them know that they do not have to answer questions that make them feel uncomfortable.

Be safe online

Spend some time looking at CEOP’s Thinkuknow website.

In particular, watch the Jessie & Friends animations. Here is an example of one:

Road safety

Take a look at Brake’s Road Safety Week website for information and activities to help teach children about road safety.

The Think! road safety website also has lots of useful resources.

Talk with your child about their neighbourhood – can they find local landmarks, read road signs and follow directions in the local area? Do you think they could find their way home if they were lost?